Calabarzon is located in southern Luzon, just south and west of Metro Manila and is the second most densely populated region in the country, principally because it is the closet prox imity to Manila and the indudtrial and economic opportunities that exist ther, Calabarzon is experiencing rapid urbanization as of the year 2000, 67% of its population lives in urban areas. Calabarzon is one of the districts of the Philippines. It is additionally assigned as Region IV-An and its provincial capital is Calamba City in Laguna. The locale is made out of five areas, to be specific: Cavite the capital area is Trece Martirez City, Laguna the capital city is Santa Cruz, Batangas the capital city is Batangas also, Rizal Antipolo city is the capital city , and Quezon the capital city is Lucena; the district’s name is framed from the names of these regions. The locale is situated in southwestern Luzon, simply south and east of Metro Manila and is the second most thickly populated district. CALABARZON and MIMAROPA were beforehand consolidated together as Southern Tagalog, until they were isolated in 2002.

Calabarzon is situated of the national capital region, and is bordered by the Manila bay in the west, Lamon bay and the Bicol regions in the east, the Tayabas bay and Sibuyan sea in the South, and the provinces of Aurora, Bulacan and Metro Manila in the north. It is home to places like Mountain Makiling near, Los Banos, Laguna and the Taal Volcano in Talisay, Batangas. Prior to its creation as a region, Calabarzon together with Mimaropa, formed the historical region known as a southern Tagalog, until they were separated in 2002 by virtue of executive order no. 103. Calabarzon is the 12th largest region in the Philippines. The region itself relatively flat, but also consists of coastal areas and highlands. Calabarzon is the bordered by Manila bay in the west, Metro Manila, Bulacan and Aurora in the Nort, Lamon bay and Bicol in the east, and the Isla Verde passage in the south. Each province in the region is composed different environments, ranging from Low Coustal areas to rugged mountains ones.